Softfood, Granules

Supreme fuer Pipiden

Supreme-quality soft granules for clawed frogs, African dwarf frogs and other aquarium frogs

Soft complementary feed for African dwarf frogs and other aquarium frogs of the Pipidae family.

Naturefood SUPREME für Pipiden contains a high-quality mix of animal protein as well as calcium. Thanks to the well-balanced fat-protein ratio of this highly digestible feed, hardly any nitrates or phosphates are excreted, therefore water pollution is kept at a minimum.

In literature, pipid frogs are frequently reported to suffer from bloating and dropsy, and a lack of calcium is supposed to be the reason. Many authors recommend feeding chopped earthworms as a remedy. For this reason, we have added an extra portion of calcium to SUPREME für Pipiden.

Many frogs are slow eaters. In mixed tanks, the fish are prone to eat most of the feed you add for your African dwarf frogs. If you just increase the rations, some of the feed will probably end up in the filter, the fish will be constantly overfed, the water quality deteriorates, and algae will appear.

To avoid this, you could add some Naturefood PREMIUM Color plus for the other aquarium inhabitants, for example, and then feed your frogs with the fast-sinking SUPREME für Pipiden, so they will have some peace and quiet when eating.

The soft granules are easily chowed down even by small frogs.

The aquarium water remains clean and crystal-clear!

Naturefood SUPREME für Pipiden is highly suitable for axolotl salamanders!

Naturefood - for the love of your fish!

Fish and fish by-products, mollusks and crustaceans, grain, vegetables, oils and fats, algae, minerals.

Analytical constituents:

Crude Protein
42,1 %
Crude Fat
11,4 %
Crude Fibre
0,8 %
Crude Ash
6,9 %

Additives per kg:

Vit. A
208.750 I.E.
Vit. D3
1385 I.E.
Vit. E
350 mg
(alpha tocopheryl acetate)

For the subsequent addition of vitamins (additives) we only use sunflower oil which contains the listed vitamins A, D3 and E.

Size od granules:
SUPREME für Pipiden 1,1 mm - 1,8 mm

Tub sizes:
28g, 55g, 110g, 240g

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