The premiumfood for all fishes.

For crystal-clear water, reduces nitrate en phosphorus building, decreases algae growth and no sediment build-up!

By a balanced nutrition your fish win the necessary energy from raw fat. This corresponds to natural food intake. Their animals become with the metabolic system less extra load. Even by less water exchange the water stays clear and nearly no sediment build up. Naturefood PREMIUM Kristall is taken by your fishes immediately.

Naturefood PREMIUM KRISTALL sinks partly fast and partly slow to the bottom in this way all of your fishes can eat at the same time.

Naturefood - For the love of your fish!

Raw protein   53%
Raw fat          14%
Raw fibre        0,6%
Raw ashes     9%

Vit. A 63.000 I.E.
Vit. D3 1.000 I.E.
Vit. E 300 mg

Further EEC allowed additives

PREMIUM Kristall XS  0,2-0,5 mm  -  for young fish and fish up till 4 cm
PREMIUM Kristall  S   0,5-1,0 mm  -  for fish up to 8 cm
PREMIUM Kristall  M  1,4-1,5 mm  -  for fish from 8 cm up

S 25g, 55g, 105g, 210g, 1000g



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