Dose Premium Panzerwelse

Premium für Panzerwelsecomplementary feed for cory and hoplo catfishes and other armoured catfishes

Armoured catfishes are generally seen as the cleanup crew of an aquarium, however, those who keep them will soon find that they are so much more than that! Their behaviour and agility are simply great to watch.
Cory, hoplo and other armoured catfishes need a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients. In their natural habitats, they mostly predate on aquatic invertebrates.
Premium für Panzerwelse has a high content of proteins and fats, but also contains premium ingredients of vegetable origin, molluscs and crustaceans as well as Hermetia meal, which mimics the natural insects they eat in nature. Loaches also really love this feed variety.
To complement the diet of the armoured catfishes, we recommend Naturefood Supreme Artemia with an elevated proportion of molluscs and crustaceans.

Please feed all your other aquarium fish first before adding the feed for the armoured catfishes to make sure they get sufficient food.

Please feed only small amounts - the high-nutrient feed is highly digestible and overfeeding may cause problems for the fish.

Naturefood - for the love of your fish!

Fish and fish by-products, vegetables, grain, Hermetia ( 5%), molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, minerals

Analytical constituents:
Crude Protein     50.1%
Crude Fat           10.4%
Crude Fibre          2.5%
Crude Ash            9.1%

Additives per kg:
Vit. A:     36,630 I.U.
Vit. D3:     2,099 I.U.
Vit. E           205 mg (alpha tocopheryl acetate)

For the subsequent addition of vitamins (additives) we only use sunflower oil which contains the listed vitamins A, D3 and E.

Size of pellets:
Premium für Panzerwelse 0,5 mm - 1,2 mm - for cory and hoplo catfishes and other armoured catfishes

Tub sizes:
25g, 55g, 105g, 210g

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